Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Herning, Denmark, 6.25.08 8:45 pm local time

Yesterday and today visited a museum, castle,
a weird piece of art called Elia by Cronhammar,
and a beautiful church/cemetary. Also saw Lene's
place at Limfjorden [my friend and hostess/guide].
The 'art' piece was sposed to bellow smoke and fire
at certain times but, so far, has done nothing but
sit there. The cemetary is unique. Each 'plot' has
it's own mini garden. Rather beautiful. I am afraid my
brain quit here as I didn't take a picture of lene's lake
cabin on the Fjord called Limfjorden. More tomorrow.
Lihme Church gate

Lihme Church cemetary


Spoettrup Castle

Me Spoettrup Castle

View from Spoettrup Castle
Elia by Cronhammer

View from Elia
Lene at map

Me at map
Whale bone chair

Me in whale bone chair

Herning museum

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oslo, Last day sighhhhhhhhhhh

Oslo, Norway, 6.23.08, 4:45 pm local time-last day

Started out raining [what's new?], but wound up gorgeous!
Got some more pictures of interesting things. My guide and
hostess, Dalmantiner, is one great lady. I thank her mightily
for a great week and all her expert help in getting me to the
places I wanted to see! Off to Billand, Danmark, in the AM!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Viking museum

Oooooops, here's some pictures from the Viking museum.
They found 5 or 6 of these longboats buried in clay and VERY
well preserved. These were burial boats circa 850-900 AD. They
found the sleds and wagon with them and even clothes were well
preserved in the clay! Notice the inticate carving. Imagine how long
that took with primitive tools!

Oslo, Norway, 6.22.08, 6:45 am local time-day 5

Oslo, Norway, 6.22.08, 6:45 am local time-day 5

Got lots of sight-seeing in yesterday on a gorgeous day!
Musta walked 100 miles! Saw a paleontology museum and
got pictures of some beastly characters and even some relatives?
Got some beautiful scenic pictures of Oslo from a mountain top
named Ekeberg. Had a snack under that park fountain. I have to
tell you that this is the most expensive stop so far on this trip. I
find it hard to believe some of the prices here. At that snack stop,
Dal [Mariann, my guide] had a beer and I had a coke [in a GLASS
bottle yet-a rarity], and her 14oz beer was $12 and my coke was $10
[in US dollars] I did have a first. First time ever riding a subway train.
First time in 55-60 years riding on a trolley, and first time in at least
20 years riding on a city bus! What a relaxing set of rides though! On
Wednesday we drove back to her home in rush hour and OMG I will
never complain about our rush hour again. What took us LITERALLY
20 minutes to travel at 11 am took 90 MINUTES to get back! UNreal!
Today we are going to an OLD restaurant that is genuinely haunted
[so everyone says!! hehehe]. Til then - Fran

some beastly characters

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway, 6.20.08 12:15 am local time-day 3

Sorry, been a bit exhausted these last couple
days. Today was beautiful. Got a few pictures
of the skyline and harbor with some old fishing boats,
sail type and still in use. Going to visit viking museum
today and got a lot of other sites to see too! BTW, did not
get to see inside cathedral in Helsinki. It was closed for
special services :o(.