Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Herning, Denmark, 6.25.08 8:45 pm local time

Yesterday and today visited a museum, castle,
a weird piece of art called Elia by Cronhammar,
and a beautiful church/cemetary. Also saw Lene's
place at Limfjorden [my friend and hostess/guide].
The 'art' piece was sposed to bellow smoke and fire
at certain times but, so far, has done nothing but
sit there. The cemetary is unique. Each 'plot' has
it's own mini garden. Rather beautiful. I am afraid my
brain quit here as I didn't take a picture of lene's lake
cabin on the Fjord called Limfjorden. More tomorrow.

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ForestJane said...

So what are you pointing to on the map? :)

Thanks for adding more comments this time... lol